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Imagine this situation: you return from a weekend away with your family, only to find that while you were away your home burned to the ground. Everything that was in it is gone—burned to ashes. Or, instead of a fire, what if your home was flattened in an earthquake or by a hurricane? Or even flooded?

How would you even begin to list the possessions that you lost? The only thing worse than losing everything you own is not knowing what you've lost...

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Photo of a house burned to the ground
If this was your house, would you be able to remember everything that was in it?

If you think that something like this will never happen to you, consider this: according to CBC Marketplace, every 23 minutes a home in Canada catches fire.

Natural disasters aren't the only cause for concern. Accidents can happen to anyone at any time, and domestic theft is at an all-time high and will only get worse. (Did you know that a Canadian home is broken into every three minutes?)

Photo of a burglar breaking in
A detailed inventory can help police recover your stolen things.

In the event of a claim, one of the first things your insurance adjuster will ask you for is a list of all your lost possessions. No one, even in the best of circumstances, will be able to recall every single thing they possess. But trying to do so while coping with the grief of your loss is impossible. Sure, you'll remember some of the big ticket items, or some things that have sentimental value. But not everything you need to replace.

If your posessions are important enough to you to insure, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to keep an accurate inventory of them. Your inventory needs to be stored in a safe place (not your home!), complete, and easy to update. It needs to be in an insurance company friendly format (so an inventory on DVD or video tape is not good enough), and it needs to be secure: you need My Online Home Inventory!

My Online Home Inventory is a safe, secure, and easy to use state of the art online home inventory management solution. Your subscription to My Online Home Inventory enables you to keep a list of all your valuable possessions, store multiple photos of each item and location, manage your warranties, and much more!

To see for yourself how powerful and easy to use My Online Home Inventory is, why not take a tour or try our interactive demonstration account by logging in using the User name and Password "demo". This will give you read-only access to the inventory we used to create the tour and help pages.

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